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Finally found My Rca chassis T 7-5

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Finally found My Rca chassis T 7-5 Empty Finally found My Rca chassis T 7-5

Post by antiqueradiobuff Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:26 am

well I am happy this year n saddened saddened by the loss of my Beloved jennifer n soulmate she was 37 But shes allways waching over me. Ok Now for the good news
for quite some time I been haveing much trouble with my rca T 7-5 radio chassis
It would pick up a station then go dead all togather n just stopped working Thanks to Bill Cahill we found out speaker was good he helped me via phone on to to test it .

well I was walking through the flea market in first weekend ov nov at the annual Thompson speedway Flea I saw it I could not beleive My eyes There it was case not saveable However had Orignal knobs n orignal chassis not tampered with at least not to my visual inspection well I cordially asked the lady Miss how much is that radio in rough shape she said sir were asking $5 I took the monies out paid the loady and walked away with the radio
So needless to say I am happy now cause i have 2 chassis and I may even try to save the case after all just needs tlc n some glueing

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Finally found My Rca chassis T 7-5 Empty Re: Finally found My Rca chassis T 7-5

Post by tube radio Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:29 pm

WAY to go BILL. Very Happy Smile


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