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Jewel model 935

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Jewel model 935  Empty Jewel model 935

Post by damart299 Wed Aug 04, 2021 8:38 pm

Hello from Eugene Oregon. I am new member, restoring a Jewel clock radio model 935. I’m looking for a good way to repaint station numbers on the case. Any ideas?

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Jewel model 935  Empty Re: Jewel model 935

Post by AJ2X Sat Aug 07, 2021 4:16 pm

That is probably a Telechron clock movement -- very common in clock-radios of the period (late 1940s-early '50s).  My experience with trying to repaint the numbers is almost nil, since my hands and patience are not up to that kind of fine work, but I did see some reference posts about restoring the movements.  One used a Plum color Crayola crayon to fill in the color in the embossed numerals: Jewel 935 restoration. Since the Telechron units are so ubiquitous, sometimes it's just easier to find a better-looking replacement in a junker radio.


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