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Regen Circuit Question

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Regen Circuit Question Empty Regen Circuit Question

Post by Thomas Fri Jul 02, 2021 12:54 pm

Am about to build a regen circuit taken from the book Secrets of Homebuilt Regenerative Receivers by C.F. Rockey shown on page 100. The circuit uses two 6N7 tubes which are twin triode SINGLE cathode tubes. My question is at the front end of the circuit. The first tube is used as the RF amp (one triode) and as the Detector (one triode). The single cathode however is coupled to BOTH, the antenna by a 470pf cap and biased to ground with a 2700ohm resistor at the RF stage, the detector stage the cathode is attached to the tuning coil in a Hartley configuration. I have not seen a common cathode used in both RF and Detection stages. The amplifier stages uses the second twin triode, but they are biased the same and should work. The author has been very reliable in his circuit descriptions and definitely calls out these tubes, the book is highly recommended. Anyway I will probably build it as described to learn something, in the worse case 6SL7 tubes will work. Thanks for any input.

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