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philco radio 40-150 modified

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philco radio 40-150 modified Empty philco radio 40-150 modified

Post by pete g Sat Dec 14, 2019 7:15 pm

hi all, I recently acquired a philco 40-150 radio.the power transformer must have gone bad because it is missing from the radio. the radio as been modified to work without the transformer. the tubes are now wired in series. the guy who modified the radio added an xtra 25z5 tube. the tube lineup is as follows 2 25z5, 2 7b7, 2 #43, 7b6, 7j7. what I need is for a forum member to diagram the complete filament circuit so I can check it. would really like to get this working. thanks. only part of the string is lighting.

pete g
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