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Uploading pictures to your post's

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Uploading pictures to your post's Empty Uploading pictures to your post's

Post by Tony V Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:31 pm

To upload a picture to your post first you have to start a post. After your done with the written part BUT before you hit send or preview you will see 8 boxes at the top of the page just below where the title of the topic is.

When starting a new post, In the 5th box going from left to right you will see 6 icon's. The first icon will say "host an image" when you hover your pointer over it. Click on it.

If doing a reply in a post already started, The box is the 4th going left to right and you do the same as above.

Click the green box that says "select files" That will open your folders on your computer. You then select the folder then the picture file you want to upload.

When you hit open it will drop into the upload box. Once you are done selecting pictures, you hit the "Send all" button

At the bottom half of the uploader box will be your pictures and three links to the right of each picture, You click and high light the MIDDLE link then right mouse click on it and hit copy. You then right mouse click on the empty portion of your post and hit paste and the link will be on your post.

Make sure there is space between your text and each link that you paste so it will look right on the post. After your done, hit preview so you can see what you have done and make any changes.

I would suggest that if you have never done this before on here to just post one picture per post at a time until you get used to it. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it and you dont have to resize your pictures first like some of the other forums you have to do. Good luck!

Uploading pictures to your post's Philco10
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