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Fada model 413 C

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Fada model 413 C Empty Fada model 413 C

Post by Dan Walker Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:25 am

Fada model 413 C Fadaco10

 This is my new radio ,but I haven't received it yet.. I did a recap of a Zenith 12S 268 for a friend of mine  SO he bought this radio for me as payment. A good friend..
I should get it in about  a week or two.
   It is a FADA model 413 C and it had 13 tubes with push pull 6V6 tubes. The cabinet is in decent shape but it will need a good cleaning and removal of the paint splatters.
  Any information about this radio is appreciated.. I do have the schematics but sometimes there are little things  one should know about certain radios.
I am looking for a couple of the pushbuttons which are around the dial.

Dan Walker

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Fada model 413 C Empty Re: Fada model 413 C

Post by willy3486 Fri Feb 26, 2016 1:39 pm

I don't think I personally have seen this one. The only fada I have is a fada bullet. As far as knobs you can check with Julie McCall or I think Mike Koste or something like that. I have got to be friends with a fellow like you have. He is into tube stereos. He will bring me a amp to work on and a bunch of junk to knock off the cost of the repair. Most of the time it barely covers the labor but I usually just tell him a price the parts cost me. Sometimes I luck out that way on the junk. Nice find.


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