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Am I missing something on capacitors??

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Am I missing something on capacitors?? Empty Am I missing something on capacitors??

Post by willy3486 Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:49 am

I am wondering something on caps and wonder if anyone has seen this. Recently in the last 6 months or so I have picked up a couple of radios. I have a personal policy for myself to replace any wax or can cap in a radio. These two radios were picked up in two different areas from two different people. One fellow said one worked somewhat but when I got it home it was the usual hum. The other fellow said it needed to be restored. I fixed one tonight and the other a while back. Both fellows seem to know about working on radios. What has floored me is when someone replaced a section on the can cap they just put the new caps on the leads of the old one and left the old cap in the circuit. I even checked the one tonight and the original was off but still would read.

Understand I am talking about leaving the bad cap in the circuit then installing the new cap parallel to the old one. I am not talking about leaving the old can in place for looks. When I went to High School my electronics teacher had us to pull out the wiring to any old caps. After HS and I went to tech college we were also told to take the wires and leads off the old cap. What I do now is to put in a terminal strip, run the old wires going to the original cap to the terminal strip and put the new cap on the terminals. Has anyone been trained it was ok to leave the old cap in the circuit and just ad a new cap? Last weekend I worked on a radio for a fellow and thought someone had done something weird. But after looking at it I realized that the power transformer went out and they left about an inch or so of the original transformer wires in the radio where they were connected when they added the new transformer.


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Am I missing something on capacitors?? Empty Re: Am I missing something on capacitors??

Post by Wildcat445 Sat Jan 23, 2016 10:08 am

Leaving an old cap in is something I have run across a lot. Repair guys did it back in the day for a reason now lost to history. Probably has something to do with getting the job done and on to the next one. I have been taught that leaving an old cap in the circuit, paralleled with a new one is a hack. Like you, I always completely disconnect old can caps unless I restuff them, then the old guts are removed.


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