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Torch tip info

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Torch tip info Empty Torch tip info

Post by tuberadiogeek Wed Mar 26, 2014 3:57 pm

I just bought a partial torch kit from a pawn shop for 40.00. It is an older Victor torch and regulators but came with quite a few National brand tips for it. 3 extra cutting tips and 5 heating/brazing/welding tips. It also appears there is an adapter to attach the non cutting tips to the torch since it is not a 2 piece torch. I was wandering if anyone was familiar with that brand and what they maybe used for? Some have quite large holes in them, much much larger than the size tip we use at school to braze copper with. The cutting tips are marked AA1,AA2 and AA6 and the non cutting tips are marked P2,P6,P5,and 9. It also came with an old 20 cubic cylinder with a round bottom and about a 25 ft hose. The only thing i found odd was the torch doesn't have an oxygen knob at the bottom, only up at the top. I got everything for 40.00, which I think I got a pretty good deal over all.

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Torch tip info Empty Re: Torch tip info

Post by Wildcat445 Wed Mar 26, 2014 4:15 pm

Some torches had adapters to use for stripping paint, back in the day they used oil-based paint. Maybe that is what you are looking at. Just a guess. Have fun with your new torch.




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