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who knows a ballpark value

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who knows a ballpark value Empty who knows a ballpark value

Post by keeverp Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:20 pm

New member. Hello and thanks for the welcome. Does anyone have just a ballpark idea as to the value of my Type TF 2360-R Marconi television transmitter sideband analyser? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Mack Paulk

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who knows a ballpark value Empty Re: who knows a ballpark value

Post by Wildcat445 Tue Feb 11, 2014 1:02 pm

Hi, and welcome to TRF. I have no idea what your item is or does, but I'll bet Bill does. Perhaps he will chime in here.




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who knows a ballpark value Empty Re: who knows a ballpark value

Post by Guest Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:48 am

Greetings to Mack and the Forum:

In answer to your question, I'm afraid the value is on the close order of zero.

A sideband analyzer is a gadget that will take the tracking generator output from a spectrum analyzer, hetrodyne it down to video, imbed sync and provide that signal as a one volt video output.  

When fed to the video input of an NTSC TV exciter, the result is a swept signal that occupies the video bandwidth of the TV transmitter.   A sample of the transmitter output is connected to the input of the spectrum analyzer. One can then tune the transmitter for proper flatness of response across the video passband.

In other words, the device is a piece of test equipment designed to aid in the tuning of tube-type NTSC TV transmitters.... critters that no longer exist.   I spent a lot of time using one of these critters trying to get both the required bandwidth and the necessary flatness of response out of the old Harris-Gates BT-18 tube type TV transmitters at KNXT (later KCBS).

When I started, we had a home-brew one that took over a foot of rack space.   Later on, it got replaced by a Tektronix unit that you could hold in your hand.   Both equally useless now, and on some junk pile somewhere.   You might be able to salvage some useful parts.

Jim T.


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who knows a ballpark value Empty Re: who knows a ballpark value

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