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Chevrolet SS

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Chevrolet SS Empty Chevrolet SS

Post by Wildcat445 Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:58 pm

I like the new Chevrolet SS. A four door sedan from Holden of Australia, powered by the base Corvette 6.2 litre engine. $47,000 and change. No options except colors and a moon roof.

From 1947 to 1967, my dad would buy a new "Shivalay" (Chevrolet) from Hare and Sons for $100 boot. He would always buy a 150 or Biscayne four door, six cylinder, three-on-the-tree with radio and heater. That's it. None of "that fancy power junk to go a-matter." 100 bucks a year and he drove a new Chevy. He would drive it for a year and only add gas. No washing, no oil changes, nothing. Total cost, 100 dollars a year, plus fuel, and flat tires. The back seat would be like new because he took it out to haul hog feed where it would not get wet. It might have 5,000 miles on it when he traded it in, but it looked like 200,000. Most of dad's trade ins went to the note lots the same day he traded it in, I'm sure.

I guess I won't be continuing my dad's tradition of a new Chevy every year for $100.




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Chevrolet SS Empty Re: Chevrolet SS

Post by Dr. Radio Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:51 pm

Hey WC,

I'm a die-hard Chevy fan, but I won't be buying a new one anytime soon. The unique style is gone. Bean counters dictate too much in all auto manufacturing.

Chevy really had their act together back in the day...they catered to virtually everyone. Want a decent car? Want a decent price? Shop Chevrolet.

You could "build" one to your tastes. Just wanted basic transportation? Didn't want to spend a lot? Buy a Del-Ray, 150, 210, etc.--stripped down--but still had all the styling cues. Had money to burn? Get a loaded Bel-Air, heck go Impala or even Caprice! By allowing you to "load" what you wanted they appealed to a wide audience in my opinion. This was time when the same "basic" car could be had with heater delete and 3 on the tree OR with A/C, power seats, tilt wheel, FM-stereo, etc.

Now it's all about pre-determined "packages". Blah.
Dr. Radio
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