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New forum rules

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New forum rules Empty New forum rules

Post by Bill Cahill Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:46 am

These are TRF's six and simple rules....

1 Please, when you join the forums, go to the newcomers' section, and, introduce yourself.. Let people know who you are, and, your interests. Any questions you have about repairs, etc.., should be posted in their appropriate sections for ease of the membership at seeing help is needed...

2 My biggest rule here is be polite to all others. Treat people as you expect to be treated as a member, and, human being... That means no flame wars, starting one, yelling, insulting, cussing, etc....

3 Be patient on newbies. We all were newbies ourselves, at one time. If they act "stupid" with their questions, remember, at one time we  were also "Stupid"...

4 If there are any posts that don't look like they belong in a certain forum, please let your moderator team know so they can help put them in the right place. Contact Bill Cahill or Jukeboxman (admin), or Tony V (moderator).

5 Any complaints you have with the forums should be brought to your moderation team in pm's, and, do not wash your laundry in public.. This includes myself and the other moderators. We will discuss the problem, and, help resolve the issues.

6 Remember, always be mindful of others and treat them with the respect they deserve...

These rules will be added to, and, or, changed as needed. Please keep a good eye out, as this does happen from time to time...

Your moderator Team

Please also join us here;
Bill Cahill
Bill Cahill

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