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The Big Storm

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The Big Storm Empty The Big Storm

Post by 75X11 Mon Oct 07, 2013 2:54 pm

That storm that was supposed to lay waste to the state kinda got puny. I was able to clean and condition my new(er) seats and put them up last night to soak up the goodness of the conditioner. Woke up this morning and the rain was gone. Dried the car with the leaf blower, lowered the top and changed out the seats and adapted the 94 to 98 wiring. Found about a couple of bucks worth of crystallized change on the floor. The power seat has more articulations than the old one that only slid front and rear and raised and lowered. The new one also tilts from the front or rear. This Mustang is proving to be as difficult to work on as my Bronco II, which is not difficult at all.

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The Big Storm Empty Re: The Big Storm

Post by Wildcat445 Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:45 pm

It's good that the storm weakened and all it did was rain.




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