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Post by willy3486 Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:04 pm

I have been swamped lately and I just now got to post this here. My wife and daughter went with me to the music city meet. There was a lot of nice stuff and good items to pick up. My daughter wanted some to fix up so we found her some first. My first buy for myself was the most expensive radio I ever bought but I am glad I got it. I actually have a truck similar to this. So there was no way I would pass on it. My real truck is a F100 66 and this looks to be a 65 f250 camper special.

Here is a front view of the truck

Latest finds HPIM8335_zps20564217

One side view

Latest finds HPIM8338_zps676e3e96

other side view

Latest finds HPIM8334_zps7a72463e

This is a radio my wife got. I need a clock like this has. I have one of the old techron clock radios and I think it is the same. Don't worry I won't gut this one for it. She wanted it and its in too good of shape to gut.

Latest finds HPIM8332_zps1a5e3a7a

This is my daughters haul. I told her if she got one or more we would fix it. She got a federal with a flip down radio. Its in really good shape and still has the design on the front. She got a oldsmobile radio which is the chrome one in the bag. Then she got the lee radio. It still has a decent finish. The Arvin is not bad at all.

Latest finds HPIM8327_zps61176b7f

This is my haul. I got the crosley for parts. I think it was used for the parts but I think the parts I need for my crosley is there. At least the best I remember. I have a green one. The zenith is busted without the pieces. I think I am going to try to refabricate the sides if I get the radio going. The wooden speaker box and other box with knobs is a philco intercom system. I plan on restoring it and then install the main box in my house and the speaker inside my shop.

Latest finds HPIM8329_zps8a69afe1

Another piece I got was this calendar. I had wanted one from a old shop but most of the ones I saw that were older were not from shops. The ones from shops I have seen had the old pinups on which I didn't really want. I like this one and it is from 45-46. I plan on putting out in my shop.

Latest finds HPIM8324_zps4d610fe1

The last piece we bought was a table. My wife found a 1930s Italian made table. I think she is going to leave it as is.

Latest finds HPIM8322_zps134b3ced

I have actually cut back on buying stuff from the meets. I think this was the first time I didn't buy any books or service manuals. I didn't see much there as far as manuals like I usually see, I probably overlooked them. I want to quit buying big radios except to restore and sell. I like the small tabletops like the zenith or crosley. I just don't have the room. The other reason I want to cut back is that if I fixed one a week I would have enough radios to redo to last for five years or more. I did see someone that brought a lot of boxes of junk chassis. I would have got some but I was low on cash and we had filled up the vehicle by then. I guess I need to start fixing some to sale. The way I have been paying for the trips has been to sale scrap I have. I have been cleaning out my shop when I can and the money I spend was from old copper,aluminum and steel I had. I have also been hauling off some for the mother in law. She has probably made 1000 or more from the metal I sold for her. I still have about a 55 gallon drum full of old copper wiring to strip. Most of it is like cat 5,telephone, and power cords. I have the parts to make a wire stripper I plan to make this winter. So that will give me the cash for the next meet or two. By the time I use that money up I hope to be fixing stuff on the side again. When I get to that point I probably will rarely buy a radio for myself. I probably will buy some I can fix and sale, books and other repair stuff,and advertising items. Anyway we had a good time. Our daughter lives about 10 minutes from the meet so we went up on a Friday and spent the weekend with her.


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Post by Wildcat445 Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:24 am

I have a Trav-Ler 5170 like the one in your pics. Mine is in poor condition and is basically a parts set. It has an open antenna coil. IIRC, the clock works well, if you need parts or anything. I would like to find a good one like yours. I think it is kind of cute. Nice haul. That kind of activity is fun. It is good that your whole family enjoys it together.




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