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Zenith K725

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Zenith K725 - Page 2 Empty Re: Zenith K725

Post by GaryRabbitt Sun Jul 21, 2013 3:25 pm

I have seen more than one chassis that had caught on fire, but before it spread, the mains opened up, stopped the sparking and the tar cooled off.
Simplex didn't say that if a radio shorted would cause a house to burn down. That would take into consideration where the radio was placed, what other kind of combustables were present, whether sparks flew around onto curtains, rugs, paper and then spread.

The chassis I have worked on were indeed on fire, it's just that it didn't have a chance to spread. I have some photos of the under chassis damage, and you can see where the fireworks took place. (It was a Zenith with shorted caps and a 6X5 rectifier.)Took out the transformer and was turned to toast.
The point is, replace the filter caps, look for wires touching each other, don't leave the set unattended. Common sense.
Just because someone has run red lights and never been given a ticket for it, or doesn't wear a seat belt because they didn't plan on getting into a wreck, and becoming a paraplegic, doesn't mean it can't happen why not lessen the risk?
I doubt anyone was trying to scare Zeek off, just err on the side of caution.

Maybe in the 'old days, fire investigation was not good enough to pinpoint a house fire started by a radio.

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Zenith K725 - Page 2 Empty Zenith K725servicing information

Post by dan88king Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:50 pm

The Sams Photofact index lists Zenith models K725B, K725C, K725L, and K725W as all being covered in Photofact folder number 653-12. The folder set number is 653, and the exact folder is number 12 in that folder set. I used Sams photofacts for many years for the newer radios. (Sams started in mid-1946 with folder set number 1) and they are the best ever.) It will have the schematic, parts list, and actual photographs of the chassis top and bottom, with arrow-tipped lines and numbers showing the exact location of every component, the same numbers that are on the schematic. It should have a dial stringing drawing, too. The alignment procedure, tube socket pin voltage readings, and other specifications are also given. A caution: the Sams Photofact index also lists a Zenith model K725 (no letter suffix) that was made in 1953, Sams folder number 212-10, and that won't do you any good. Could save disappointment if ordering a schematic online.

Dan King


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