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Post by DancingBear Sat May 11, 2013 10:21 pm

We talked of putting some of our writings on here so I'll begin by posting a short story about my grandson. It is 100% true.

The Frog

A leaf floated past my eyes as I passed through the door. On closer inspection it was a mummified tree frog, paper thin, probably from being wedged in the door jamb. The next morning I placed the corpse in an envelope and mailed it to my seven year old grandson.

Two days passed before Zak called.

"Why did you send me a dead frog, Grandpa?"

"He was looking great when he left here. How do you know he's dead?"

"He's squished flat and he doesn't move." Zak said with disappointment.

"He's not dead. Do you remember that show about the droughts in Africa and how those toads buried themselves for years, until it rained?"


"Your frog must be doing the same thing. Revive him. He's just dehydrated."

"How do I do that?" He was starting to show interest.

"Put him in a jar of water, he'll fatten up. He's really a cute one. That's why I sent him to you."

This time he responded with a bit of enthusiasm. "How long do I keep him in water?"

"Until he wakes up. Keep him warm and put a lid on the jar with holes in it. Open it every day for a few minutes to let some air in. Trust me, he'll be fine."

"Ok! Cool. Thanks, Grandpa."

"Call me when he comes around."

"OK, Bye."

Two weeks later, the phone rings again. It's Zak's mom.

"Dad, Zak is here beside me. I want you to tell him the truth about that damn frog. It is REALLY gross. He won't let anyone toss it out and it looks and smells really bad. He insists it moves every once in a while and tells us YOU told him it was just sleeping. I need you to tell him the truth, OK?

"Sure. No problem."

"Here he is."

"Hi Grandpa," he says a bit sadly.

"Hi Zak. So what's up? How's your frog?"

"I think I need to change the water but Mom won't let me." In the background I hear an insistent mother's voice.

"Well, maybe he took too long in the mail. You should probably bury him, not too deep, just in case he comes around. That's a shame. He was really a cute little guy."

"Oh.I guess. Can you find me another one and just keep him until I come there?"

"I'll see what I can come up with. Don't be mad at your Mom, Ok? You know how she gets around critters. I'll see you in a few weeks. We'll go hiking. Now, let me talk to your Mom."

I hear a small discussion in the background before she speaks.

"Did you straighten this out? He is NOT keeping a dead frog in his room. I love you Dad, but no dead critters. It's gross. He still won't throw out that squirrel skull he found when he was with you but at least it doesn't smell."

"Sure. I understand. He promised he'd toss it. Sorry it caused a problem."

A few weeks later, on our hike, Zak confessed he hadn't buried the frog right away but kept it in the garage until his Mom found it. He felt guilty because he had forgotten to let air in for a few days, obviously sealing the fate of the squashed amphibian.

"Next time I won't tell Mom. She ruins everything."

"Look at this. A cool snakeskin!"

Copyright 2006 Tony May


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Humor Empty Re: Humor

Post by Bill Cahill Sat May 11, 2013 10:54 pm

interesting story. Thank you.
Bill Cahill

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Bill Cahill
Bill Cahill

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