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Making a list reading it once, no! twice!

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Making a list reading it once, no! twice! Empty Making a list reading it once, no! twice!

Post by Resistance is Futile Fri Jun 27, 2008 1:49 pm

Since this has been indirectly addressed in ARF by other forum topics, I though that I would get a little more down to the nuts and bolts of radios.

This would have to do with providing a convenient all in one organizing list, to avoid having to browse through multitudinous topics on setting up a repair bench.

Listing what parts are needed to start elementary repairs,

AA-for tube types and numbers,
BB-transistor types and numbers

-common values for-,

A-resistors-wattage's, composition types
B-capacitors, voltages, composition types,
C-potentiometers-taper-linear, wire-wound, composition types
E-wire types and insulation ratings, colors, types of insulation
F-tube sockets
G-types of soldering hardware, and soldering aids, irons, guns,
H-types of solder and advantages, types of flux
I-storage bins and types
M-drills, bits
N-chassis punches
O-Screws, hex head, fillister, flathead, roundhead
P-washers, star-inside and out, flat, spring, wavy
Q-lock nuts, with star, plastic insides
R- tinnermans,
-wrenches, open- box sizes
-speed or spin type drivers
-pliers, channellock, slip joint, needle nose
-wire cutters, side, flush
-Insulation strippers

T-Test Equipment
-meter types, VOM, ampmeters, digital, analog, clamp-on
-O,scopes, types
-probes, types
-signal generators, types
-signal tracers
-Tube testers-transistor testors
-Bridges, cap, resistance RLC
-Substitution boxes
-distortion anylisers

What I will do is gather all suggestions and post a handy dandy list for our newbies from suggestions, I will offer to post final results in a organized list.

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Resistance is Futile
Resistance is Futile

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Making a list reading it once, no! twice! Empty Re: Making a list reading it once, no! twice!

Post by Bill Cahill Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:03 am

I open my piece, look at it for condition, and, start making a list of capacitors, and, electrolytics I need.
I don't start on it until I have enough parts to get it done......
Bill Cahill

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Bill Cahill
Bill Cahill

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