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Early 70s portable record player

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Early 70s portable record player Empty Early 70s portable record player

Post by Rachel Lea Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:24 pm

This may be a long shot, but here goes.

I am 50, and when we were kids a cousin gave us a small portable record player. I am trying to find just a picture of it.

This would have probably been in the early 70's, most likely before 1975. It was a one piece, bright blue molded plastic. The special part of this record player was that on the inside of the lid were translucent plastic geometric shapes (circle, triangle, squares) that lit up when a record was played. I believe it only played 45's.

I don't remember the brand name or model number. I believe this would have been marketed to pre-teens or teenagers, it was not a "child's" record player, like the Fisher Price models.

I have googled (a LOT), and can't find a reference to this particular record player anywhere. I can't believe we were the only kids with one of these.


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Rachel Lea
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Early 70s portable record player Empty Re: Early 70s portable record player

Post by Bill Cahill Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:11 pm

Welcome to the forums, Rachael.
I wish I could help you, but, I have never seen one like that, though it is probably a product of the "hippies" era.
Without even a brand name, it's nearly impossible to find out who made it because even then, there were still a couple of hundred names left.
I wish you the best of luck at finding what you are looking for.
Bill Cahill

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