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Heathkit SW-7800 questions/suggestions

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Heathkit SW-7800 questions/suggestions Empty Heathkit SW-7800 questions/suggestions

Post by tuberadiogeek Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:38 pm

I'm hopefully going to upgrade my Hallicrafters S-120, but i'm not certain what i want to replace it with yet, but i'm kinda eyeballing a Heathkit SW-7800. I cant really find much info on it, besides its about 30 years old and it covers 100KHZ-30MHZ including LongWave reception, which does sound interesting. So my questions are, are they a good upgrade to an S-120, are they overall good general coverage receivers, and what are they worth in good working order? If they are not any good, what would be another general coverage receiver to get in the 100.00-170.00 price range? I'm mainly looking for a full size receiver, but a large portable will be fine as i like the option of using it on DC for a power outage.

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Heathkit SW-7800 questions/suggestions Empty Re: Heathkit SW-7800 questions/suggestions

Post by sprman Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:53 am

Some of the Panasonics and Sonys are full size and are good preformers the Radio DX 150A&B are not bad radios if you can find one. Icom is another but may be hard to find a cheap one at 175. Check Ebay out to see whats out tere and what you might like.Sprman


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