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A Tip For Mini Audio Jacks

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A Tip For Mini Audio Jacks Empty A Tip For Mini Audio Jacks

Post by Guest Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:02 pm

When working with 2-way radio equipment, particularly older paging equipment, I would come across earphone audio jacks that had either become fouled with pocket lint or whose silver plated contact surfaces had oxidized and would inhibit audio output. I found these interdental brushes at a drug stores' going out of business sale, and after using them, kept them on the bench at all times. The wire end can be inserted into a proper size spray tube with a bit of super glue to make a thin handle that can also manipulate the jack contacts with the other end. I used the brush with 91% isopropyl alcohol which would cut the tarnish pretty well.

This is the type that worked well on most jacks of the 3 to 4mm size.


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A Tip For Mini Audio Jacks Empty Re: A Tip For Mini Audio Jacks

Post by willy3486 Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:56 pm

Here is another tip on audio jacks. If you have one of the smaller headphone jacks to break off the tip follow these directions. I work on computers for a living and most of those jacks are sealed and soldered on the board. The entire board has to be replaced for the jack issue so I came up with this. If I have the tip in a jack I will get a pair of hemostats or needlenose pliers to hold a sewing needle or straight pin. I then take a soldering gun to heat the tip of the needle. I then insert it into the broken tip in the jack. There is usually a layer of plastic around the metal in the tip so I push down to get the needle to go into the tip. I let it cool and carefully pull theneedle and tip out. Sometimes I have to do it a couple of times but it usually works.


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