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Funny School Record Player Story

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 Funny School Record Player Story Empty Funny School Record Player Story

Post by Doug Burskey Thu May 24, 2012 12:45 pm

When I was going to Catholic grade school in the early 70's or about 5th-6th grade, film strips were used at least once a week for various subjects.You know the kind for us that can remember a strip of film and a vinyl LP record for the audio,and a beep would tell you to advance the frame.Today this would be done with power point on a PC .One of the nuns I had for history class did not know how to use that Newcomb record player! She would have it running at 16rpm to slow then 45rpm to fast then 78rpm way to fast and after several tries she left it that way! somehow she would miss 33rpm on the way to 45 and 78.This had the class snickering and laughing then someone said "Sister the record is running to fast",and was met with a caustic HUSH UP! Well the parish pastor happen to be walking down the school hall and heard the laughing and what sounded like hyper chipmunks.He steped in the classroom and turned the speed knob to 33 and never said a word and walked out.

Doug Burskey

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 Funny School Record Player Story Empty Re: Funny School Record Player Story

Post by Ben Delk Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:45 pm

Funny, thanks for sharing.
Ben Delk
Ben Delk

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