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Curious repair

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Curious repair Empty Curious repair

Post by Brig Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:13 pm

When I was a kid I bought a Howard 901A with money I had earned from my Detroit News paper route. One day it fell to the floor and to my sorrow the plastic cabinet was destroyed. My grandfather made a wooden cabinet for it and I continued to listen to it. Over the years the unit disappeared. Then, about three or four years ago, one showed up for sale and I bought it. It had been recapped and was in excellent cosmetic condition, but one problem showed up: it drifted. Every four or five minutes retuning was necessary. A new mixer tube, oscillator capacitor, and oscillator resistor did not solve the problem, so I concluded that the oscillator coil was faulty. I had a new coil on hand, which I had bought from AES years ago but never used. I installed it exactly as the bad original one had been installed, but the receiver failed to operate. After tracing my work several times against the schematic and finding nothing wrong, I decided to connect the coil in one of the three possible hook-ups given in the instruction sheet that accompanied it. Lo and behold the radio then worked! And quite well too. I now wonder if others have had similar curious but successful repairs, where doing it by the book failed to solve a problem but another approach yielded success.


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Curious repair Empty Re: Curious repair

Post by Resistance is Futile Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:50 pm

So what were the three hookup instructions you followed?
Resistance is Futile
Resistance is Futile

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