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Atwater Kent 55c

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Atwater Kent 55c Empty Atwater Kent 55c

Post by willy3486 Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:44 pm

I just got in a Atwater Kent 55c in on a trade for fixing a old amp. I have absolutely no idea about the radio as far as cabinet,value or fixing it as of yet. Here is the info on it. As far as the chassis it looks great. There is minimal to no rust. It looks like it would clean up. The negatives, no case,no speaker and a few tubes missing. It needs a ux280 and a couple of 245 tubes. It has the rest of the tubes. For some reason I was thinking double digit tubes could be substituted for triple digit tubes, is this correct? In other words I could use a 80 for the 280 and a 45 for the 245 tubes. If so I already have a 80 ad one 45.

The case does not bother me that much as I could make a new case. The speaker is a conccern. Does this take a special made speaker or can a speaker or horn be used on it? Also on the tubes I didn't take the time to see if I had them. Are these tubes hard to find? Most of the radios I have are 1930 or later. So does it have any value to keep or is it a boat anchor? With the speaker and the three tubes missing would this be better to trade on ? I really would like to fix it if the speaker and tubes are not to hard to get. I don't have any atwater kents or any TRF radios and I would like to have one that works. Any thoughts on it.


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Atwater Kent 55c Empty Re: Atwater Kent 55c

Post by Leigh Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:16 am

The first digit of the tube number (2, 3, etc) denotes the manufacturer, so a 245 and a 345 are electrically the same from different companies.
The third digit was dropped at some point and they started using just the two-digit base number.

Your radio requires a type F-4 electrodynamic speaker with a field coil resistance of 1100 ohms.
The field coil doubles as the power supply choke, so it's important.

There are two versions of the radio (early and late). Here's a modern schematic that covers both (2 pages):

Be very careful handling the radio. There are wirewound resistors underneath, on fibre cards bolted to the chassis.
The cards are very fragile now, and it's easy to break them by pushing accidentally when trying to lift the radio.

The 55-C is the console version of the 55. It has a small front panel that the non-C version lacks.
All diagrams and service literature apply equally to both versions.

An odd feature of this radio:
In some versions you will not read continuity from one lead of some RF transformer primaries to any other lead. That's normal, not a cause for concern.

- Leigh


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