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School me on silver mica disease

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School me on silver mica disease Empty School me on silver mica disease

Post by willy3486 Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:03 pm

Ok folks I ran into a form of the silver mica disease. Here is my understanding and the repair of it. It is caused by the cap built into the IF "cans" of the radio. There is the two coils have two ceramic caps they were mounted to.The caps were basically two metal pieces that had a mica piece between them. To fix the issue you take the mica out, clip the metal piece on the top and then add two small caps in the place of the mica caps.

So am I understanding it correctly? Also if you cut the top piece of the metal piece of the cap it can not be adjusted,correct? If you replace it with a cap is there any need to adjust? If there is no need to adjust is there mf of a cap that is generic one size fits all or a few that fits in most?

I am going to order some caps and other parts soon so I think I will get some caps on hand to take care of this issue.


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School me on silver mica disease Empty Re: School me on silver mica disease

Post by Resistance is Futile Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:14 pm

You can find those caps from several sources, I don't remember offhand. However you can disassemble and dip in silver cleaner to remove silver tracks. They are caused by moisture and dissimilar metals. Moisture contacts both metals and forms a path for silver Ions to migrate. This in turn sets up an electrical path, causing problems.
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