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Looking for a radio

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Looking for a radio Empty Looking for a radio

Post by willy3486 Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:53 pm

I am wanting to find a old radio in my area hopefully. One type of old radio I never purchased was the "trf" types I think they were called. These were the ones from the mid 20s I think. Seems like they had two tuning caps if I remember. They were wide and short, they had a external speaker. Someone on the other site showed where they had rebuilt the old potmetal frame for the tuning cap. Anyway I have little to no experience in these other than a few I fixed years ago. I would like to find one and was wondering what the price usually runs. Does anyone have estimates on what is decent price to a high price. I am looking for one not working or needs restoration. Any suggestions on what ot look for,stay away or is to high to fix?


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Looking for a radio Empty Re: Looking for a radio

Post by John Maxson Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:24 am

I was buying them on ebay just because they are cool, and read up on them on the internet, but I never powered up any of them just because I would have to buy a bunch of batteries or a power supply. I found one that was a nice homebrew for 25.00 that looked ready to play. Others, like an Atwater-Kent, ran around 100.00. It may be hard to find one locally but on ebay there are many, and sometimes you can find a good deal.

John Maxson

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