Tale of two tv's... What to do on limited budget??

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Tale of two tv's... What to do on limited budget??

Post by Bill Cahill on Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:24 am

I have two RCA 721 TS sets.
ONe, cabinet has been poorly refinnished. No,not by me.
It's incomplete, especially missing channel selector knob, and, back cover. I had re capped it manny years ago. Resistors in power supply failed. I replaced them. At that time I had it on the variac. Had audio reception, and, 1kv of hv on second anode, and, no raster.
That was manny years ago. It may need some re capping.
Now, comes the other one, which I wish to keep for myself. I am now under budget restraints, so, this is making me lean one way.
I had started work on it many years ago, but, never got far. I had replaced open resistors in power supply, and, a few caps, but, nothing else.
That chassis looks cleaner, but, I think I can clean other.
I am thinking switch chassis, and, put a restored, playing chassis in my nearly mint cabinet. Would you think that's o.k., or, take out caps from other, or, what???
I want to get my 721 finally finnished. I still have to work on my sorry 630.
Bill Cahill

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