WTB a 19 khz crystal ---FOUND---

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WTB a 19 khz crystal ---FOUND---

Post by KB8CWB on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:21 pm

Well I decided to take the plunge and do some fm stereo work. I went and purchased an old WR-52A on ePay to get my feet wet. Yes I know is not the greatest, but the prices on the sencore's have been beyond what I am willing to pay (yet). Well long story short, I was the ONLY bidder and got it cheap. Of course it arrived missing all the tubes. Mad Not happy bout that but well I have plenty so repopulated it, brought it up on the variac and proceed to check it out. Well the crystal was gone as well and makes this next to useless for anything. Evil or Very Mad So hopefully someone out there has a stack of crystals or a junker they can rob one out of. bounce


Ended up biting the bullet and bought an ST-1000A generator. It was doubtful this old one would have done what I needed at any rate....
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