New Orthophonic Surprise in the Mail

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New Orthophonic Surprise in the Mail

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:52 am

Guys, I got a strange package yesterday from someone I didn't know--Robert Lodes in White Plains, New York. It was in one of those padded mailing envelopes, and inside was quite a surprise for me.

This guy had seen a thread I posted on ARF about restoring a 6-HF-3 console that belongs to the local record/cd store owner here in town. Yes, we do still have a record store fact, there are two of them!!!!!

Anyway, inside the package was the original owner's manual for a 6-HF-3, warranty card, all kinds of hang tags, platter card, and even a bill of sale showing that Mrs. R. Lodes paid $224.00 for her RCA Victor New Orthophonic high fidelity console on January 16, 1956.

I don't know who this Robert Lodes is; he didn't give a return address or an e-mail address either, or I'd write him a thank-you note. It was certainly a very nice surprise to get in the mail.


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