My RCA Victor New Orthophonics

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My RCA Victor New Orthophonics

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:43 am

I haven't posted a new thread here in awhile, and Bill Cahill wants me to be more active in the forum. So, here goes, my collection of RCA multi-speed New Orthophonic high fidelity phonographs.

My 7-HF-5 consolette, which I believe was made in 1956. This one was in beautiful near-mint condition when I received it, and about all I had to do to it was to recap the three tube amplifier.

I got this RCA HFP New Orthophonic on eBay for $20, plus shipping. I have since repainted the cabinet, recapped the amplifier, and replaced the cheaper RCA changer with a deluxe changer. I have also installed a plywood bottom in the cabinet to retain this unit's terrific bass response. You wouldn't believe the bass this puts out with a 6x9 inch woofer. This set came from the RCA factory in black finish. The special gold grillcloth just sparkles in the light like New York City. It is a real flashy looking player.

I picked up this 1958 SHF-8 at a local antique mall recently and haven't done anything to it yet. It's going to be a September restoration project. It is fairly dirty and has some scrapes and bruises. I'm going to go over the cabinet with red mahogany Miniwax. It'll look a lot better about a month to six weeks from now.

My pride and joy is this SHF-6 New Orthophonic that looks like it just came out of the box in 1958. The player has push-pull 6V6 output tubes, a 12-inch speaker and two tweeters mounted on angled dispersion horns. The player was owned by an elderly woman in Knoxville, Tennessee, who kept it in a back bedroom draped with fabric for about 35 years. I have rebuilt the amplifier, serviced the changer and installed an Astatic 89T cartridge in this player. It has unbelievable high fidelity sound. Next to this blonde console is its little baby brother, my 7HF45 New Orthophonic 45 player that I acquired from a local flea market about a year ago for $15. It has had a total restoration some time back.


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