Amidon and Micrometals toroids.. other brands ?

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Amidon and Micrometals toroids.. other brands ?

Post by jpdesroc on Thu May 31, 2018 6:18 pm

Hi everybody,
I'm designing with toroids.. mostly for MF RF input and output transformers
(500 Khz to 5 Mhz range) for RF power amplifiers.
I am facing a problem though..
Every single toroid transformer's design examples
I can find on the web are according to
2 toroids suppliers: Amidon and Micrometals.
These toroids seem to be available only from
these own companies.. (minimum qty buy with shipping delays..)
But I'd like to order from Digikey or Mouser
because of their low minimum parts count / 1 day delivery time..
The problem is when I try to figure out which
type of toroids would be the best for these frequencies
in their available toroids list.. ex Digikey here:
I'm very confused on what type I should buy..
They all seem to be made for frequencies higher than 30Mhz and more..
From Amidon it looks like the T50-1 BLUE 500khz to 5Mhz would fit my needs.
From Digikey or Mouser I cannot figure another
brand / part number that would be equivalent..

Does anybody have an easy way for me to figure out
what parameters should be checked Al / Q / Freq self resonance.. etc..
Then I could do some comparisons between Amidon/Micrometals
and other easy to find/buy brands from again Digikey or Mouser because
of their fast shipping time. ??


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