Resistor Identification

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Resistor Identification

Post by PaloAltoMark on Sat May 26, 2018 11:53 am

I'm trying to restore a 1938 Zenith Beehive radio (5R-312). It's my first time attempting to do a radio repair and I'm having trouble identifying the resistors.

For example, I see a resistor that has a yellow body, violet end, and orange dot. Based on what I'm seeing on the internet, this would translate to 4, 7, 0000 or 470000 ohms resistor (470 K ohms or .47 Mega Ohms).

When I look at the schematic I don't see a .47 Mega Ohm resistor listed. I do see a "470 M Ohm" and also a "47 Ohm" resistor.

Likewise, I see another resistor that is a Brown, Red, Orange, Silver and I believe this should be a 12 kilo ohm +/- 10% resistor but the closest resistor I see on the schematic is listed as a "12 M Ohm" resistor.

What mistake am I making in the conversion or in the way I'm reading the schematic.

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Re: Resistor Identification

Post by John Bartley on Sat May 26, 2018 5:41 pm

In some old schematics, "M" was used to indicate 1000. So, your 470M ohm resistor would indeed be 470,000 ohms. In those schematics they usually indicate megohms with the whole word.

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