Partial signal fading

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Partial signal fading

Post by W3IRE on Thu May 10, 2018 10:41 am

Hi All
A few years ago I picked up an Elgin 10 transistor radio at the flea market for about $5. Took it home put batteries in and it seemed to work ok. I cleaned all the contacts and got it working pretty good. I recently wanted to listen to it so I put batteries in it and turned it on, works pretty good. I did notice after about 5 minutes, the signal fading out. Turned it off and on again the signal was back. Did more cleaning on the switch and it didn't fix the problem. Signal fades out, comes back when you turn it back on.

It only does this on stations below 800 kc. Any station above that the radio stays solid playing great. I'm not much into transistor radios, mostly the tube radios. Does anyone have an idea what's going on with this radio. It doesn't want to play below 800 kc constantly.
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