US radio model 24

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US radio model 24

Post by radioland on Thu May 03, 2018 12:38 am

been a while, i don't like to ask for help unless I really need it - kind of stuck with this one though.

the radio had been recapped probably late 1930s or so - the original electrolytics replaced.  also, R-7 looks like it should go to R-9 but was grounded.
i have trouble understanding the IF alignment - "regenerative connecting 2 jumper cables to short a portion of the oscillator coil".

i can get a radio or so especially on the upper band ~1400kc or so but not any volume.  i know i'm not fully aligning it correctly but i wonder if it's something else too.
the tubes are in great condition - i have 2 tube testers.

also, this gentleman did a great job of documenting his restoration, yet i still can't finish mine.
i'm trying to upload the manual with the alignment instructions but I can't seem to attach it - it's a png and plenty small. can anyone help with a clue?


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