Transoceanic restoration

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Transoceanic restoration

Post by Ed in W. PA on Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:23 pm

This is my first attempt at restoring a Zenith Transoceanic cabinet. Since I have never tried one of these before I selected the worst cabinet that I had, a badly mildewed and gouged-up cabinet as well as an equally nasty chassis that I was saving for parts. After reading everything I could find on the web I started by cleaning the stag covered areas with saddle soap and water. Next I cut patches of stag from inside the cabinet where it was wrapped around and used then for patches on the outside, gluing them on with J B Weld, then lightly sanding with 400 grit paper. The same thing with the gouges and loose pieces of wood. The next thing was to coat the stag covered areas with Kiwi black leather dye. The dye did a nice job of covering up my patch work but now there are shiny areas and dull looking areas, probably because the wear on the cabinet was uneven. The front latch and other brass pieces cleaned up nicely using Flitz brand polishing compound as did the snaps and hardware that hold the Wavemagnet cable. When this one is finished the next project is my son-in-law's T.O. which is actually in pretty nice shape. I have already finished the chassis restoration on his set and it turned out well, but am still apprehensive about laying my paws on his "still nice" cabinet. Has anyone tried anything other than shoe dye on one of these?
Regards, Ed

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