Heathkit Signal Generator

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Heathkit Signal Generator

Post by ricky_a5 on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:32 am

Does anyone know what the output voltage of the power transformer should be for a Heathkit G-5 signal generator. I know it has a 6 volt output for the tube filament, but the other output is center tapped, and it is bad (no voltage, no continuity). So I need to determine the best replacement. It uses a 6X5 rectifier tube, so I will be replacing that with a known good one, just in case that is what took out the transformer. The best I can determine is that the center-tapped voltage could have been something like 125-0-125...supplying pin 3 and pin 5 with 125 v. This is based on some old manuals that referenced the B+ voltage out of the rectifier tube as being in the range of 80-120 v. Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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