2 Philco Radio Speakers up for grabs for anyone interested and in need of one or both

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2 Philco Radio Speakers up for grabs for anyone interested and in need of one or both

Post by CaptainClock on Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:57 pm

Hello everyone I have for your consideration 2 Philco radio speakers both from 1940s vintage Philco radios one speaker is an 8" diameter speaker from a Philco 46-1260 Radio/Phono Combo unit that when I got it the record player worked fine, and the cabinet was in wonderful shape yet but the AM Radio portion of the unit didn't work and I couldn't trace down the cause of the radio's malfunction so I gutted it and scrapped it out but saved the speaker because it was still good and was thinking I could sell it or give to someone on here who may be in need of one for their 46-1260 Radio they may be restoring, the speaker may work in other models as well but haven't really been able to research what other Philco models used this speaker.

The other speaker is a 12" diameter speaker from a Philco 42-300 console radio that was AM and 2 SW bands along with automatic presets, that the wiring in the radio was chewed up by mice and had a mouse nest in it that had contributed to the damage to the wiring in the radio chassis and because the wiring was in such bad shape (plus it had the old brittle rubber wiring that Philco was known for having in their radios during that time period) I just junked it out but the speaker is still good and can be used on another 42-300 radio someone on here might be restoring and I know that other Consoles from that time period could use this speaker as well, as long as it has the round 4-pin speaker plug on it that has a hole in the center for a screw to screw into, it should work.

I'm willing to take any and all offers for these speakers and also I would be willing to trade for radio parts or even whole radios that need some minor repairs that I could restore myself for the speakers.

Thanks for your time.



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