Anyone have Peavy or other certification?

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Anyone have Peavy or other certification?

Post by willy3486 on Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:58 am

I was curious if anyone had certification on Peavy amps or similar? I was thinking about at some point in the future getting it. I got started out in audio and that is what I prefer to do. I jumped to computers back in the mid 80s as audio in my area was being overtaken by computers. With the way the world is today you never know about jobs either. My job is stable and I am not looking to leave at this point. But in less than 15 years I should be able to retire and draw. With that said I would like to have something to fall back on if I get laid off, I really don't want to be looking for another job at 60 after a layoff. I would prefer to be my own boss. I have had my own shop in the past so I am familiar with the ins and outs.

What I hope to do is to get my place set up like I want. We purchased 3 acres and have a mini farm. I want to get it completely fenced in the next couple of months. Then I want to clean out the old barn on the place and move stuff out of my workshop I have outside. Then in the next year or so I hope to get a LLC business set up on the side. At some point in the next 5 to 10 years I may build me a newer ,smaller workshop just big enough for the shop and workbench,maybe 12x24. I can use my current larger shop as storage if needed. I hope to put that building for easy access to the road.

What I am looking at is if I work for someone else do that for about 12 more years then retire and do repairs on my own. If I got laid off I would hope I could go ahead and go full time in the repair business for myself. I am tired of the working for others and going in. Yes you would be working for others but it is different. Years ago I got so much business I had to scale back then I quit for the public. I was holding a job down and doing a almost full time repair shop. This time if I do it on the side and could go full time I would.

So as far as certifications go like Peavy are they worth it or a waste? I wouldn't mind full time work on them until I am 65 but after that I would scale back to 30 hours or so. Or would I be as fine not having certification? I live in a area that is full of musicians and I never had trouble finding work on amps and such.


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