FS: various components

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FS: various components

Post by ka3qlf on Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:58 pm

qty 2 Siemens siov B40k130 Varistors
physically a 7 out of 10, only due to some rust on the terminal screws $30 for the pair
QTY 2 Sylvania OA2
physically a 9 out of 10, some writing is worn, each still has the purple banding at base $15 for the pair
Pomona electronics aluminum shielded box part number 2428

NOS unopened in bag $2
qty 3 plastic jewel cases of various Johanson components see pics for better information, appears to be mixed trimmer caps, tuning elements, and some other unidentifiable to me components $20 each plastic case, $50 for all three
JMC 7476 appears to be some form of tuning knob $15
chicago transformer F-63 6.3v 3A secondary NOS $60
Prices plus shipping to your address


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