Found a Pair of Realistic Minimus 1 speakers today at Goodwill

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Found a Pair of Realistic Minimus 1 speakers today at Goodwill

Post by CaptainClock on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:01 pm

Hello everyone, today at Goodwill where I also happen to work as a custodian part time 6 days a week, I found a pair of Realistic Minimus-1 speakers that were in almost like new condition except for a couple of chips in the front of the speaker cabinets where the wood veneer got chipped from taking a fall presumably as the speakers have sawtooth type picture frame hangers attached to the backs of them where I'm assuming they were hung on the wall by the previous owners and they probably fell off the wall at some point in time chipping up the cabinets on the front. But anyways I hooked the speakers up to my 1969 vintage Pioneer SX-1000 TD Stereo Receiver and they actually sound not too bad for being as small as they are. One thing that surprised me is that I ran an ESR Test on the original crossover cap inside the speaker and it still tested good yet even after over 40 years. An interesting thing about my speakers is that they seem to be a much later model (possibly 1972) speakers because the model/hookup instruction label on the back of mine is a lot different than some of the ones I've seen pictured online which seem to be an earlier production model plus mine says it was made in Japan whereas the early production models were made in the US from what I've read online, and it seems that they were made by Panasonic (Matsushita Industrial Electric Co. Ltd.) because all of the parts inside the speakers have the Matsushita markings on them. Anyways I was wondering what some of you folks on here think of the Realisitc Minimus Speakers including the Model 1 like I just got my hands on today. I know everywhere else on the internet they seem to be fairly well respected speakers as far as small compact speakers go.




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