Phono cartridges

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Phono cartridges

Post by tubesrgr8 on Sat May 20, 2017 6:52 pm

I'll probably never use these, my only turntable is modern with proprietary if you are in need of one of these, make an offer.

Brand        :Replaces                

Audio Technica CN5625AL

Pfanstiehl P-415D
:Tetrad 3-12D-A:
:Astatic 1150D
:EV 5392D
:Emerson 820120
:VM 36470-P,Z

Pfanstiehl P-441D
:Tetrad (BSR) TC1 1MI/TC1 2MI
:Astatic 1306D, 1309D
:EV 5628D, 5635D:

Pfanstiehl P-187-D
:Chuo Denshi CZ-680 :Pfanstiehl 719-D7
:Sears 89381

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