Help with Körting-Radio Novum E8012 AC

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Help with Körting-Radio Novum E8012 AC

Post by vanesaC on Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:52 am

Good morning to everyone.
This is my first post here. Firts of all, I wanted to ask for forgivenes for my bad English, as I´m not an English speaker.

I need your help. Recently my grandad passed away, and when cleaning his things we discovered an antique radio (the Novum E8012 AC). It was in very bad conditions, but my dad is trying to restore it. By now, he polished the wood surface, and cleaned and repaired the electronic components. The radio even works and you can hear the news!
The only problem we have now are the lack of front buttoms (but whe plan to print them with a 3D printer) and the lack of front pannel. This pannel was made originally from painted glass, and although my mum could make a great job painting any glass, we haven´t found any reliable image of this piece. All photographs we had found are too small or too blurry, so we don´t know if there are numbers or letters over the colored lines.

Please, if someone could give us any information, we would be very grateful.
I will try to upload some images of how our work is going.

Thank you very much

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