Vintage Sylvania Globe Tube SX250

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Vintage Sylvania Globe Tube SX250

Post by shunkpenn on Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:51 pm

Still ripping through my collection and thinking of departing with my SX250.  I bought this with a number of other same generation tubes years ago from a gentlemen who said it was new.  I just retested the tube yesterday and it tested great.  On a member's recommendation I tested this as a regular #50.  This has just been on display and I have never had it in a radio.  Don't really know what they are going for these days and really couldn't find much in the way of recent sales.  If any members have any interest I would be happy to send more pics.  If no interest here....I may just throw it up on Ebay or throw it back on the shelf Wink   Thanks


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