New Test Equipment At Work

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New Test Equipment At Work

Post by 75X11 on Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:02 pm

We have been trying and using a new automated analyzer at work. The radios we work with are all microprocessor controlled and programmable. The functional parameters are all controllable by programming as well. This analyzer connects to the radio by it's programming cable and runs a test and/or a test and align routine. It will go through all the programmable set points and test and give a pass/fail indication by the manufacturer's test criteria. If the test and align feature is selected, it will automatically adjust the radios' set points to optimum levels. It does this in about 8 minutes, hands free. It is preprogrammed with the operating parameters of most of the radios currently on the market. The shirts are hot to get these immediately if not sooner. It gives a printable summary of each test and they are factory detailed.

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