Somerset Records

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Somerset Records

Post by Wildcat445 on Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:19 pm

Somerset Records is a B label, commonly sold in grocery stores and drug stores at the checkout stand.

I seek out and collect Somerset Stereo Fidelity records. As stated in the Wikipedia article, Somerset featured no-name artists. Some of the music, particularly early stereo music, is amazingly good. The early Somerset material is recorded in "hyper stereo" and Somerset did it as well as the big boys. Somerset had interesting beginnings. The audiophiles turn their noses up at Somerset records. I have a honky tonk piano album on Somerset by an artist named "Slim '88' Wilson." Probably as good an album of that genre as I have. Somerset albums sold for $1.98 at a time when the big name albums sold for $4.98 or more.


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