Yamaha RX1100 Stereo Receiver

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Yamaha RX1100 Stereo Receiver

Post by tuberadiogeek on Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:04 pm

Yamaha RX-1100 Stereo Receiver. This was a very very nice receiver, until now. It would seem the left channel went out in it. I tried 3 different sets of inputs with 2 sets of speakers, and every option had the same result. This has all sorts of inputs and lots and lots of power- 125WPC into 8 ohms with 3 sets of speaker outputs. I have owned less than 1 year and never had any problems with it until now. This comes with the remote control and original owners manual. This is still a very repairable unit but I have no interest in doing so. This thing is a monster. Shipping weight is 33 pounds from Lima, OH 45804. I only use USPS Priority Mail. It is not much more than standard post and gets to you a lot faster. I only take Paypal, there is a way to do it without fees- I just don't recall right now. I think 100.00 is a good price for this unit, but I'd be willing to consider reasonable offers. If you would like more photos, let me know and I'll put them in my Google Docs and link them here. That way I don't fill up the thread with photos.


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