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Stunning, simply stunning

Post by Wildcat445 on Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:54 pm

I gotta both give credit where it is due and eat crow.  Shocked

I broke a clip that holds the trim around the left headlamp on my MINI.  I had to make the dreaded call to the MINI mechanic.  I heard all the scare stories.  I heard how MINI/BMW liked to hedge their responsibility on warranty.  I figured I would have to call the Better Business Bureau, the FBI and the cops, after I talked to some stuff-shirt who could care less about my busted MINI.

I arrived, late, for my first appointment at the MINI dealer.  Long story short, this was one of those infamous days where the streets in the Valley turned into a huge demolition derby.  It took me almost two hours to drive 30 miles.  When I arrived, a little dude at the entrance directed me to the service drive.  A cute little gal in a leather mini-skirt asked if she could help me.  I said I had an appointment, apologized for my tardiness.  She directed me to my "personal advisor" Stephen.  He made sure I had a hot cup of coffee, directed me to the service lounge.  The MINI fixing bay is viewable from the lounge.  I could watch the guy fixing my busted MINI.  The garage had the fastest garage door I have ever seen.  If you shined MINI lights on the garage door, it vanished.  Instantly.  I have never seen anything like it.  The MINI garage had eight MINI lifts.  There were eight MINI fixers, all in white coats with a MINI emblem.  The floor was tiled, with a MINI emblem in the middle of the floor.  Not only did the MINI repairman fix my busted left headlamp bezel, he replaced the right one.  And the upper half of the grille and the RH front wheel flare.  These had been recalled, and the paperwork had gone to the dealer who sold me the car!  He changed the oil with Mobil 1 5W30.  They took the MINI to the detail bay and washed it, and shampooed a spot on the back of the rear seat that I was concerned about.  The free 36,000 mile service that is standard equipment with MINI is good for 36,000 miles, with no limit on time.  If it takes me ten years to go that much mileage, they will service the car FOR FREE for 36,000 miles.  They want to flush the cooling system and the brakes before I go home in the spring.  They want to service the trans every 3 years or 45,000 miles.  Mine will have about 15,000 by then, but said they will do it anyhow.  Instead of removing the heads and bead blasting the intake valves ala the old Peugeot engine, they use BG products 44K in the intake system to eliminate coking.  I used that product 25 years ago, and know it to be effective.  I got a menu of their pricing.  I found it to be competitive with independent shops.  

The bottom line is this.  If this level of service is truly the norm for the "southern" MINI dealer here in the Valley, they may have a customer for life.  This outfit could not have been more accommodating and professional.  They messed up my radio station during their scanning operation.  You would think they had shot my dog, they apologized so much.  No biggie, dude.  That I can fix.  They washed my car and vacuumed out the carpets.  They inflated the tires and reprogrammed the pressure sensor system so it would not go off during cool weather.  You do not need 47 psi in the tires to keep the pressure sensor from telling me I have a flat tire.  It sure rides lots better.

All this cost me was the gas over there and breakfast at Mickey D's. What more can I ask?


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