Miranda Lambert "Platinum"

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Miranda Lambert "Platinum"

Post by Wildcat445 on Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:59 pm

I have shared reviews of some of my old records, my "Dead Artist Archives."  How about if I share an album review by a live artist?  Yeah, shocking, ain't it?  Shocked

My frau received this CD as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.  One of my weaker moments, I suppose.  She liked the song "Somethin' Bad" with Carrie Underwood.  Actually, after you wade thru the first two or three tracks, the balance of the CD is tolerable.  My biggest criticism of the album is that the mixing sounds like it was recorded in a quanset hut.  They just moved out the old John Deere, the combine and the plow and set up the band.  There is no depth to the recording.  Just a bunch of banging and screeching, with the boom, boom to make it sound good on subwoofers stuffed behind the seat in the pickup.  Ms. Lambert, like the majority of modern female singers sounds like a sixth grader when she sings.  What ever happened to singing like Patsy Cline and Connie Francis?  Where they would suck in a gut full of air and then let 'er rip.  Now female singers sound like they are singing thru a pillow.  Ms. Lambert apparently enjoys talking dirty on CD.  The best track on the CD is track 8. How can I review the album when I could get banned listing the tracks?  "Little Red Wagon", while cute, is pornographic in lyric.  "Babies Making Babies" and "Hard Staying Sober" are the typical modern attempts of a tabloid queen trying to tell others how to live.  Track 8 and, Track 10 are actually pretty good traditional country efforts. Apparently Wayne Walker, Harlan Howard, Cindy Walker and that group of real songwriters were not available for this CD.  The songwriting is as unfortunate as the singing on this album.  On a scale of one to ten, I give this CD a four.  I would give it a one were it not for the above-mentioned two tracks.

EDIT--My frau has played this CD about three times already. I am going to modify my opinion a tad. I now rate this CD at seven on a scale of one to ten. It grows on you. She uses dirty words effectively, if you sit and listen real close.



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