Arvin 444-A

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Arvin 444-A

Post by Wildcat445 on Wed Aug 27, 2014 9:41 pm

While I am waiting on parts for my little Trav-Ler, I decided to dig this relic out and have a look.

This is actually the parts set for a good one I sold. I decided before I junk this one out, I would try to make it work. The metal cabinet is fairly nice, although the paint is very poor. Both the correct knobs are there, as is the metal back. The speaker cone is pretty bad. The chassis is nice, and is still equipped with dust from 1955. No dead spiders or any living critters were noted. I have had this thing probably 30 years, and, until today, I had never plugged it in. I changed the power cord, the e-caps, coupling caps and am in the process of checking resistors. I checked three or four, and they each have drifted ridiculously high, so they will have to go. There are a couple Micamold caps, fortunately the same value as the Trav-Ler needs, so I can change those. The tubes check good. The IF transformer checks good. The antenna coil, and the oscillator coil also check good. This is a little 4-tube metal cabinet set, so it won't have very good performance here in "fringe land." It should work just dandy in Phoenix if I can get it going. The "good" one that I sold had had its cabinet chrome plated. It was beyond cute, but some other guy wanted it worse than I did. If this one lives, I plan to hotrod the cabinet somehow, although probably with paint, not chrome. The tuning dial is in usable condition, although it is not mint.

I fired up my signal generator, VTVM, signal tracer, and connected this set to my Variac/dimbulb/isolation transformer. I brought the voltage up slowly and did not let out any magic smoke. The dimbulb ramained dim, so I killed it at about 80 volts. There was no hum, no smoke, no noise, nothing. Graveyard dead. The tubes all lit. This thing is deader than the Trav-Ler was. I finally got the signal from the signal generator thru the IF transformer, but this thing is absolutely silent ahead of the IF transformer. The oscillator is comatose. Totally on life support. I can inject a signal at IF into the oscillator, and the grid voltage does not even wiggle. The frau called me in to supper, so there is stands. My next step is to run some voltages and find out what I ain't got. This thing is REALLY BROKE!



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