Simple Solid State Home Broadcaster

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Simple Solid State Home Broadcaster

Post by 35Z5 on Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:59 pm

Not much to it but far from a toy, will produce a strong signal at 100ft with 10ft antenna, can receive mine clearly at approx 140ft from my garage behind the house... As with any transmitter that's going to make a reasonable signal, antenna tuning is key...

Only real drawback is it doesn't glow(well if it does, toss it outside) and frequency options are limited, the different crystal osc and matching coils are listed, resulting in four more components than needed for build...

Here's mine built in a discarded Channel Master satellite meter... Instead of a LED, I use the meter to monitor current for antenna peaking, LEDs are used as on/off power indicator...

On-off sw & gain(audio level) are operational...

It's built semi-modular, board can easily be removed for service or modification... Plug with brown, orange and red wires connects to the power indicator LEDs(has standby and in operation modes)... Audio is fed from gain pot on front panel through the large connector and one at it's upper right connects to ammeter on front panel(in series with B+), lower plug connects ant tuning cap... Regulator installed at angle for cover clearance...

Large black item is a cover over the line fuse also has a scrap piece of pref board Velcroed over 120v connections to power transformer...  

Better shot of board & tuning cap, antenna peaking performed from back panel...

Belly shot of the PCB and 110ma @ 10v xfomer... Ttransformers aren't really critical, anything in the range of 10-15v @ 100ma or greater is fine...


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Re: Simple Solid State Home Broadcaster

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:42 pm

Very nice, I like it. Thanks for posting the schematic.  Very Happy 


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