Another grouchy old guy rant

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Another grouchy old guy rant

Post by Wildcat445 on Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:13 pm

My pet peeves of the day are:

1. Taking pictures with cellphones. Learn to do it right or get a camera, for pity's sake. Don't ask me, I can't help you.

2. Trying to sell items that are beyond filthy. Dirt tells a lot about the personality of the seller. If they are disengaged enough to not clean it, they may be dishonest and trying to hide something.

3. Ridiculous pricing. Why not do some research while you are cleaning the item up to put it on CL? Find out what you have, if it is operational, and price it realistically. You probably don't have the only one there is.

4. The word "rare." It may be uncommon, but it is rarely "RARE". Get over it, and price it accordingly.

I'm done now. I need to save some for another day. Thanks for your time.




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