I'm looking for a older style 6-pin plug

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I'm looking for a older style 6-pin plug

Post by oldgoaly on Sat Apr 06, 2013 5:07 pm

I have a couple of the machines, one was lacking the applicator gun, I found one but the plug is a different style. Believe these were made from the 60-90's some time in the 90's they change plugs styles (black one on right) Cannon made the one I need the silver one, on the left in pic.
Here is the number Cannon Australia 719 EP 6-11-1c 1" diameter 2.5" long
I can't seem to find my index card with the number on it? Sad It fits a Rocklinizer carbide depostitor I use it to stipple dies and to make my power hacksaw blades last forever! I'll have to add the numbers after I go out and get them again note to self take magnifying glass! What a Face YEP remembered the magnifier! bounce


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